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How To Add Keywords in SEO Content

SEO Keywords

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There is a specific way in which an SEO content writer should add and adjust the keywords in the body of SEO content. Often website owners don’t aware of this and during my practical experience, I come to know many SEO experts do not inform them about this important matter. SEO experts keep doing Off-Page SEO (link building etc.) but at the end, there are no satisfactory results. The main reason behind this,  lack of keywords research and keywords based SEO content in website pages and posts.

Here I am going to tell you how to use/add keywords in website pages and posts? After reading this you’ll be able to know how to use the keywords in the body of website pages or blog posts. Appropriate use of keywords helps in fast indexing and ranking in search engines like Google.


SEO content is not like a simple article or essay, it requires special considerations.

Keywords Density

Keywords density play a very vital role in the ranking of the keywords. It should be 1% (percent) of the whole content. Mean if you write a 500 words content then the main or targeted keywords should be added 5 times.

We have to use keywords in the body of content and even then make it as natural as possible

The best positions to add keywords are as below:

  1. Use the targeted keyword in Link/URL.
  2. Use the targeted keyword in the main title of page or post.
  3. Add keyword in Meta Description of your page or post.
  4. Use the targeted keyword in Headings (H1 H2 H3 etc.)
  5. Use the targeted keyword in the first and last paragraph.
  6. Use similar terms/keywords related to the main keywords wherever possible this is called LSI Keywords Strategy.
  7. Add keyword in Image ALT Tags.

Some Other important SEO Considerations

Below are some considerations you should keep in your mind while writing SEO content:

  1. There should be some appropriate images on pages and posts of websites with proper alt attributes.
  2. Readability is very important for SEO content. There should be short sentences (Less than 20 words) and use of difficult words should be as minimum as possible to improve the readability of content. For more details, you may visit Flesch Reading Ease.
  3. Consider adding appropriate internal as well as good external links in the pages and posts.
  4. Your Meta description should contain the focus keyword and make Meta description as appealing as possible.
  5. The Post or page title should be in between 35 character minimum and the 65 character maximum.
  6. Your post or page should contain 300 words minimum.




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