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How To Succeed in Your Life?


If the purpose of making money is only to become rich, then usually the thinking becomes poor over time. Money is merely a medium of exchange which is not of major importance to itself but it is necessary to have money to meet other needs of life. The best spending of money is to buy happiness by sharing ease with society. But this is possible only when the element of consciousness is prominent in thinking.

The love of other personalities is the death of personal ability. Most of us continue to complain throughout our lives that we could not get that education that wanted to get.

A few decades ago, an intelligent student lived in a village. He was also a very skilled player. From childhood, his personal tendency was towards “astronomy”. But at the wishes of his parents, he worked hard and graduated in law. But after entering into practical life, he continued his research in astronomy. Even this person justified his idea of the “Expanding Universe” and got the “Nobel Prize” award. Today the world knows this man as Edwin Hubble.

If we stop being amazed at the wealth, fame, rank and knowledge of other people; we can benefit from our own personal creativity.

Always Create intense demand to achieve the goal

Remember! Have you tried to get something so craving and intense to this day? Let me tell you an interesting story here, for those who have ever been interested in radio programs, they will be familiar with the name of Marconi. Marconi is the inventor of the radio. When Marconi first claimed in the eighteenth century that he had discovered the method of sending a message through the air, his friends considered him a mentally ill person.  In fact, Marconi was looking for a means of communication by which the President could convey his message directly to all citizens. In this work he had been working very earnestly for a long time and eventually, he succeeded.

We often see the pursuit of wealth, education, employment or relationships as a reason to live, and we make “needs” our purpose of life, which is wrong. In order to achieve something bigger in life, create an intense desire to achieve the purpose in your own self so that by learning or doing something new you can share ease in the society.

Select your friends wisely

“I’m not afraid of an army whose soldiers are lions and commander is a goat,” because a goat would weaken the whole army. Your thinking is the sum of five people in your friendship circle. You will be familiar with the name of Isaac Newton. In the modern scientific field, he has guided the way of thinking into a new perspective. Robert Hook was a contemporary scientist of Newton and opposed Newton’s scientific ideas. While Newton believed that “I have learned knowledge from great teachers, so I look deeper in things than others. “If I have seen it further by standing on the shoulders of Giants”.

If you also want to get good and strong thinking to succeed in your life follow the below simple tips:

  • Always include wise people in your friendship circle.
  • Choose better teachers.
  • Make relationships with Qualified people of your Community.
  • Read good books to expand your knowledge.
How To Succeed

Expand the sphere of thought  (Out of box thinking)

Think big, then something really big will happen to you. One thing that is common to all the great people in the history of the five thousand years, is that they first became bigger in their thoughts, then their “journey of purpose” proved them successful. Work hard to make your thinking bigger. Because what we think will become our habit in the future.

Always Broaden your mind

Your mind is a wonderful asset from God. Make this asset the best part of your physical factory. It will give you strength in life and comfort after death. Today, all the great people of the past have left the world, but their high thinking is still alive. And the people of the whole world are benefiting with the light of those great people.


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