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Complete Guide To SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing Guide

Complete and Comprehensive Guide to SEO Content Writing!

Back in 2007!

When I started content writing, it was really interesting.

I start surfing the internet and consulted with many experts. I asked them about “how to write SEO content”?. Many of them told me that SEO content writing is not easy.


Some statements of geeks I consulted:


They told me that there are a lot of things need to be learned.


Someone told “Until I really dedicate myself to it, I’ll never learn it.


And the most confusing statement for me was:

“Search engines like Google regularly update/change their algorithms. Often SEO content writers have to relearn everything with algorithms updates.”


But the soft reality is, SEO content isn’t as hard as geeks lead new learners to believe.


And, if you are dedicated and work to succeed, it is banana easy to become an SEO content rock star.


You just need to follow the complete SEO content guidelines outlined below.

Content writing is the first step of SEO Ladder either you want to rank your website or you want to jump in SEO career. Keep reading!

All website owners and SEO experts want to rank a website against targeted keywords in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. All websites consist of different pages and many posts. Most of the websites usually have enough content on their pages and posts but even then in most cases, targeted keywords are not ranking in search engines.

During the practical experience, I come to know 90% websites not rank good due to poor content.

So how to “Write SEO Optimized Content”?

Keep reading the post and I’ll let you know how to rank your focused keywords with good SEO content. I’ll teach you which type of content preferred by Google and all other prominent search engines and how to write such good SEO optimized content? Stay with me! I’m sure you have never found such information anywhere. This is what I learned after 11 years of experience.

Understand The Topic and Audience

Whenever you are going to write an article, first of all, you need to self-understand the topic. After understanding your topic now you should know that for whom you are writing? (Your targeted audience). Writers have to show his/her self as a pro of the topic. Think that you are going to tell/advice the people who know less than you. What is a writer job? A writer job is to do research, to take all the information together about a topic and after understanding it write such an article to help other people to understand it too. So it will be of great worth for writer to involve himself and create interest in the topic. Information in the article should not be confusing, reader after reading the article should get a clear picture about the topic, the reader should know the basic information, theme and how and where he/she can use the information/knowledge provided in the article.

Creating audience-centric content will make you an SEO writing pro. Audience-centric content means to identify your audience first and then write for them. After identification cater content on the basis of what your audience want.

For details see the image:

Audience-Centric Content

Provide All Necessary Information

Write in such a way that if somebody who never heard something about the topic, does know what is it? The reader will come to your post in order to get the required information. So, provide such information he/she can use in reality.  So article writing is not only inserting targeted keyword/keywords in a particular post but it’s about writing something that helps people understand a topic. Hence you will attract more and more audience, sustain them and they will refer your platform to other as well.

Here I am going to explain all in a very simple example: 

Suppose you are a mother and have Childs. One of your children come to you and asks you something. If you do not know what to answer because you do not know the answer then will you tell your child some shit to look good? You will never do so. Instead, you will say to your child that “I will find the answer for you and then I come back to you with the answer”. Then you will think what your child wants to know? You go and do the necessary research, you find the answer, when you will have the know-how, you will go back to your child and you tell it so easy in so banana words that your child understands. If you will do that you are a good mother and your child will grow and get more intelligent. And if you tell the child something with the words in but not true then this is bull shit. So treat your audience as they do not know anything and you are the mother of them.

Study The Competition Of The Topic

The main objective of SEO content writer to create the best content on a specific topic while targeting some particular keywords. To achieve that, you must analyze your competitor. By doing this you’ll come to know what’s already written on the topic.

Google makes competitor analysis very easy. For example, if you want to write an SEO article about ‘How to write good SEO content’, simply type it into Google, and check the results.

How To Write SEO ContentCheck the first page results. Check the content strategy they adopt and if you deeply want to dive into the competition also check some results of the 2nd and 3rd page to get a clear picture.

So always manage some time to understand the competition. This will help you to create the best piece of content.

Write Compelling Intro Sentences

The intro sentences of your content are most important. This is the place where you should grab the reader’s attention like a magician. If you succeed in this then you won the half battle.

You might listen to the quotes like:

“The first impression is the last impression”


“Well begun is half done”

Keep the opening sentences sweet, short and appealing. Short and compelling sentences will fuel the curiosity of the potential readers. It will also convince readers to read on.

So the intro of your content should build the interest of visitors and coax them to read till the end.

Use Common Words and Avoid Jargons

So-called SEO experts mislead new learners by saying that to write SEO content you must be the elite wordsmith.

That’s not true at all.

Being an SEO writer it’s not important to show your vocabulary. Just use common words and create a rhythm in your content.

Here is a good tool for checking the readability the content https://datayze.com/readability-analyzer.php

This tool will show you Flesch Reading Ease. You may find other good and free tools by typing “content readability checker” in Google.

Your Content Should Reflect A Single Topic

As “ideas rule the world” same like that “Content rule the internet world” so

Being a content writer you must follow the proverb: “Don’t beat around the bush”

There is a general content writing principle followed by the best copywriters around the world “One Big Idea Rule”.

The rule simply means that the focus of your content should circulate around a single topic or idea. You can cover more than one topic in a copy but Google preferences are something else.

In a single blog post, if you’ll try to address different topics or solve multiple problems, this may confuse the audience. So, stick to one topic instead of writing on multiple topics.

If you’ll follow One Big Idea Rule it’ll ensure that your copy covers a single topic and keeps your audience engaged till the end.

Write Long Form Content

Due to all new Google algorithms update it’s become vital to write long-form content. As per my experience, I strongly recommend you to write long content for most of your blog posts.

Have a look at the statistics of the study from serpIQ. Here you can see the average content words count of Top 10 Google results.


Results of serpIQ study revealed that if the content is long it performs better in SERPs.

While writing long-form content keeps in mind that the audience won’t appreciate if you just stuff your content with fluff. To expect strong results prefer quality over quantity.

Your long-form content should be well researched, appealing, and follows the basic SEO rules.

Consider Content Promotion Strategies

There are more than 2 million blog posts daily published throughout the web and this number is increasing day by day.

Obviously, many of these blog posts go unnoticed. This happens because writers usually avoid content promotion strategies. Writers sometimes think that promoting their content is unnatural and Google do not like it. This is a huge misconception.

It should be your TOP priority that how you will promote your content and generate traffic to it.

Being an SEO expert I suggest you to et as many high-quality backlinks as possible. The Key is High Quality and High PA DA backlinks not random and fuss.

Always use social media to get relevant and potential traffic.

I’ll soon write an article about the best strategies to promote your content and get High-Quality backlinks to your content.

Add Relevant Images

Recent studies revealed the fact that the content which contains images get 94% more views than the content without images.

Although high-quality audience-centric content rules the search engines, still relevant images play a vital role to draw the attention of the audience.

A well-known fact is that 65% of the total population are visual learners, that’s a strong reason to included images in your content.

Now the question is how many times should you include visuals?

There is no specific rule in this regard but as per my practical experience, I suggest you add an image after every 200-350 words. The key is that always use relevant images.

Create Your Brand To Differentiate Yourself

As I already mentioned above that there are more than 2 Million blog posts created and published by bloggers.  That’s the number of blog posts created and published every day.

So you need to dig your own path.

Differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

To achieve this goal you should develop your own CDF (Content Differentiation Factor). Your CDF simply answer the question that why a visitor read your content instead of your competitors.

Know your audience and sort out how to help them. Focus on the benefits and keep your content super simple hence, your content will stand out.

Always Follow SEO Rules

All of you knows that search engines especially Google update its algorithms day by day. Due to this factor, the relevancy of technical SEO is diminishing but still many aspects of Search Engine Optimization are very important.

To follow basic SEO rules while writing great content check out the Google SEO Starter Guide and if you want to dive more then also visit Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO.

By following the basic rules stated in both above articles your content will be found by search engines against the keywords and topics that you want your website to rank for.


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